ProjectZero is a public-private partnership between Sønderborg Municipality and the Bitten & Mads Clausens Foundation dedicated to make Sønderborg’s energy system carbon-neutral by 2029. We also aim to inspire other cities to take on their green transistion for a stronger postive impact on our climate.

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In Sønderborg, citizens, organisations, businesses, utility companies and the municipality work strategically in a public-private partnership called ProjectZero to find local solutions to a global problem. Since 2007, energy-related carbon emissions have been reduced by more than 57 % and the municipality is on track to delivering on their 2029 vision for a carbon neutral energy system.

ProjectZero is anchored in the ProjectZero Office, where a small team of employees coordinates and monitors the journey towards zero and brings together the right people, ideas and projects.

Our recipe for a green transition not only has the potential to solve the climate challenge in Sønderborg. It can be used all over the world. We want to show other cities the way and inspire them to create their own transformation. Every year, we welcome decision makers and journalists from all over the world, who wants to know more about our road to carbon neutrality.


In 2023, Sonderborg received the EU Mission Label . The award is the European Commission’s quality stamp of the ProjectZero Masterplan that is leading the way to making our energy system carbon-neutral by 2029. Sonderborg  was amongst the first 10 cities receiving the award – and the first in Denmark.

The designated cities must all draw up a Climate City Contract (CCC), which contains the city’s goals and plans for climate neutrality. The Mission Label states that their Climate City Contract has been reviewed and approved by the European Commission with support from experts – including the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Joint Research Center (JRC).

Obtaining the EU’s Mission Label can, among other things, help facilitate access to funding from the EU, national and regional funding sources, including private investment.


In 2023, The World Economic Forum’s Centre for Urban Transformation and UN-Habitat honored ProjectZero with its Award of Distinction for Public-Private Collaboration in Cities in recognition of the positive and measurable impact demonstrated in the city of Sønderborg.


Lars Tveen

Chairman of the Board

Erik Lauritzen

Mayor & Deputy Chairman

Allan Pilgaard-Jensen

Head of Masterplan

Malene Lemann

Head of Communication