In 2022 the Danfoss Nordborg factory became carbon neutral. By implementing available solutions, all with an estimated payback time of less than 3 years. the energy used has been reduced significantly.


Numerous companies across the world have committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Danfoss is one of them. Danfoss is Denmark´s largest industrial company. Danfoss´ solutions are unique, but their Nordborg factory in Danmark is not. With 250,000 m2 of production, administration and testing facilities, the Danfoss Nordborg factory site mirrors factory sites around the world.

Danfoss´ factory in Nordborg is set to be the frontrunner, paving the way for the rest of the global organization. Massive improvements in energy efficiency – generating more output while using less heat and electricity, have been implemented.

The Nordborg factory shows how factory sites can become part of the local energy grid, providing lower energy prices for local community and at the same time reducing consumption of natural gas significantly.

Improve energy efficiency

Refrain from using energy that is not needed. Wether you are heating or cooling, ensure that temperatures match your production or storage needs. Adjusting temperatures to reach proper comfort levels saves energy.

Sector integration

Reuse energy that is already being produced. Waste from industrial processes is extracted directly from the source and fed into the ventilation system instead of into the air. The allows for recovery and reuse 50% of the heat. Reducing the number of ventilation ducts systems from 18 to 4 in each building allows for bigger volumes of air to move slower, which reduces energy consumption by 80%.

Source green energy

Use renewable energy sources when possible. The remaining heat demand is supplied from green district heating, excess heat at natural gas. Any further electricity demand is supplied from solar PV and from offshore wind farms.