It began with an extensive renovation back in 2002. Since then Ole Bredgaard, owner of Nybolig in Guderup, has continuously reduced the store’s CO2 emissions, and it shows on the bottom line.

A part of: Change Energy and Produce Energy

The solar panels sit side by side on the roof of Nybolig in Guderup. They have been doing so since February 2023, and the 7.7 kW system produces about half of the electricity the store uses. Owner Ole Bredgaard closely monitors the production of green electricity with great satisfaction

“In my opinion, you don’t have to be a climate enthusiast to take responsibility for the green transition. In addition, it can also make good economic sense,” says Ole Bredgaard.

The real estate agent knows what he’s talking about. He expects the solar cells to pay for themselves in less than 8 years. With a typical lifespan of 30 years, you don’t need a calculator to see the business case.

Nybolig’s green transition began back in 2011, when the store’s oil-fired boiler, which had previously heated the old butcher’s shop, kitchen and first-floor apartment, was scrapped in favor of a heat pump.

The change was part of a major renovation, which also included new, energy-efficient windows and extra insulation. The lighting has since been changed to LED, and Ole Bredgaard has installed automation on many of the electrical appliances.

Solar cells are the latest, but probably not the last investment in a better climate. Ole Bredgaard is considering buying a battery so that he can store the green power from the solar cells for later use.