No matter how effective our efforts are in conserving and reusing energy, we will always have a substantial energy requirement. Therefore, it is essential, that we ensure our future energy needs are completely met with clean energy sourced from wind turbines, solar farms and biogas production. And green district heating instead of fossil fuels for heating.

The most effective way to secure a 100 percent green energy supply is by actively producing as much of it as we can. This is why we presently operate two biogas facilities in the towns of Kværs and Glansager. Furthermore, there are ambitious plans for an offshore wind farm in the Little Belt east of Als, in addition to expanding wind turbine and solar panel installations on land.

Efficient and sustainable PtX production is essential for a deep decarbonization. A PtX plant can convert and store excess renewable energy as hydrogen. And while this conversion comes with an energy loss, hydrogen will be key to decarbonizing hard-to abate sectors such as heavy industry production, long-distance shipping, and long-haul aviation.

Since hydrogen production will have a massive pull on the electricity grid in the future, it is of great importance to use it wisely for the right purposes. Hydrogen production must be based on additional locally produced renewable power to be sustainable, and we must ensure that the production is as efficiently as possible by reusing excess heat in district heating and not create unnecessary disturbances on the grid.