Since childhood, Ervin Peters has been aware of saving resources such as water, electricity and heating. Today, he is a green ambassador in his neighborhood and is happy to share his many experiences and advice with his neighbors.

A part of: Save energy

In reality, Ervin Peters has been a green ambassador for many years. But it wasn’t until 2020 that he officially received the title at Nordborg Andelsboligforening (NAB), where he lives in a detached house with his wife Elena. And this is an ambassador who knows what he’s talking about. Over the past few years, the Peters family has managed to reduce their electricity consumption by 60 percent and water consumption by 21m3 each year with a small amount of money and a lot of creativity.

It’s not just financial gain that motivates Ervin Peters. He also wants to help take care of nature.

– I’ve always been interested in nature. I grew up in Nederby and there was a beautiful orchard nearby. There were also a lot of bees from a local beekeeper, where we got free honey. Nature has always given me great joy, he says.

Out with the hydrangea

Perhaps that’s why biodiversity was the first thing he tackled as a green ambassador. In collaboration with Nordborg Andelsboligforening, he created a small booklet with information about biodiversity, which was distributed in the different departments. Ervin Peters took them around his own department, which led to several conversations about the pros and cons of letting the grass grow.

– Not everyone is positive. But I’m certainly enjoying seeing all the insects I’ve gained in my garden since I’ve redesigned it with a variety of scented flowers and meadow mixes. Hydrangeas are no good. I have also had several visitors who were interested in learning more about my garden. This applies, for example, to the people who had to decide on the planting around the path systems we have in the area, says Ervin Peters.

Recycles shower water

Aside from the family cat, who is still treated to cat food with Alaskan fish, the Peters family doesn’t compromise on green principles inside or out.

That’s why they only eat Danish products, mostly vegetables and preferably from local supermarkets and farm shops. All lighting in the 129 m2 detached house in Havnbjerg is LED, all appliances are intelligent in the highest energy class, and in the shower cabin there is a 35-liter tub that collects the shower water. It is used for toilet flushing or watering flowers. He also doesn’t use drinking water to water the garden.

The Peters family uses approximately 1620 kW hours per year. This is far below the average for a household of 2, which is 3380 kW.

Ervin's 5 best green shortcuts

Save electricity

Replace all light bulbs with LED bulbs

Green supplier

Actively choose a green electricity supplier (solar and wind energy). Check Danish energy, otherwise it can quickly become expensive due to transmissions from the European grid.

Cheap biodiversity

Flower pots in the garden and on the balcony can be inexpensively planted with scented flowers that are good for bees, butterflies and other insects.

Save water

Limit water consumption by avoiding garden watering

Save heat

Reduce heat consumption by keeping the temperature at a maximum of 20 degrees and remember to air out several times a day