In Sønderborg, we’re developing an intelligent and unified energy system, essential for achieving our goals in the most cost-effective manner.

It revolves around creating an energy-efficient system and thereby avoiding the need for excessive production. Electrification demands significant electricity consumption, and only by ensuring seamless cooperation among system components can we optimize the balance between production and usage.

The integrated energy system also aims to minimize the area’s overall energy expenses. We achieve this by e.g. harnessing surplus heat from the forthcoming purification plant to heat homes through district heating. Similarly, we ensure that electricity is allocated to the right applications at the right times, preventing unnecessary investments in production and infrastructure. This approach helps to control costs effectively.

The elements of our energy system

District heating in one system

The Sønderborg area’s district heating supply is provided by 3 providers, each with their own network. However, the providers are working on interconnecting and digitizing the three networks so that we can use our district heating system in the most optimal way. For example, to feed recycled heat from industry and the Power-to-X plant into the district heating network.
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The treatment plant of the future

The wastewater from a new wastewater treatment plant, expected to be completed in 2028, will play an important role in our energy supply. It is possible to extract heat from wastewater and transfer it to our district heating system. The treated wastewater can also be utilized in a Power-to-X plant and contribute to the area’s sector coupling.
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Power-to-X systems

A future plant will produce green fuel for aircrafts and ships, among other things. The production of green fuel is a way to store power, when we produce more power than we use. The plant reuses our treated wastewater and the CO2 we can capture from, for example, our waste incineration. And the surplus heat is fed into the district heating network.

Lillebælt Syd Wind Farm

The upcoming wind farm Lillebælt Syd will supply green power to citizens, institutions and businesses in the Sønderborg area and to a planned Power-to-X plant in Nordals.
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Biogas plants

Biogas is an important energy source in industries that require high temperatures in production. In the Sønderborg area, we have had two biogas plants – one in Glansager and one in Kværs – connected to the gas grid since the end of 2022.

Renewable energy on land

14 areas are proposed in the upcoming municipal plan for the construction of new solar and wind farms. The designation is part of the government’s plan to quadruple renewable energy on land so that by 2029 we have exclusively green power.