We need to reuse the energy we have already produced

It’s not limited to used clothing and discarded furniture that can find new purpose. We can effectively recycle our energy too, to maximize the value of the energy investments we’ve made, while also reducing CO2 emissions.

Several industrial companies in the Sønderborg area, for instance, employ biogas in their production processes. When biogas is combusted, it produces substantial amounts of heat, which these companies can repurpose for heating their facilities. This not only cuts down on their heating expenses but also contributes to reducing overall energy consumption in Sønderborg, as less heat production is needed.

There are also companies with so much excess heat that they cannot use it all. Therefore, the Sønderborg area is collaboratively developing an integrated energy system across various sectors. This enables us to optimize the utilization of excess heat by incorporating it into our district heating network. The anticipated outcome is that by 2029, up to 40 percent of our district heating will be sourced from surplus heat.