The wastewater treatment plant of the future is not only better at treating wastewater, it can also transform wastewater from a waste product to a community asset. A modern wastewater treatment plant helps provide technical water for the production of green fuels, energy for consumers and heat for the district heating network.

A part of: Recycle energy


This is where the wastewater treatment plant is to be completed.

40 %

of the area's heat demand must be covered by surplus heat.

Part of the green transition

SONFOR is in the process of re-evaluating the wastewater management plan for the Sønderborg area to create a treatment system that contributes positively to our nature and our local communities. In a modern, digitalized wastewater treatment plant, wastewater will be treated mechanically, biologically and chemically. As a result, we emit much less into the waters around us and meet the stricter requirements for emissions.

Wastewater treatment plants are also an important part of the green transition. The wastewater from the plant can play an important role in our future energy supply, as it is possible to extract heat from the wastewater and transfer it to our district heating network. The treated wastewater can also be utilized in a Power-to-X plant and thus become a resource that also contributes strongly to the area’s sector coupling.

This will not only make cleaning processes more efficient, but we can also utilize resources across sectors to optimize and save energy – for the benefit of us all.

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