For many, a house with a low energy rating may seem daunting, but not for Tanja and Lasse Busch Rumley. They fell in love with a house with an energy label D and embarked on a major renovation of the home.

A part of: Save energy

For the Rumley family, the energy label was a particular focus when they were looking for their future home. The young family from Hørup ended up signing for a classic detached house with both district heating and solar panels installed. On the other hand, it only had an energy label of D.

“When we were looking at houses, we quickly realized that the house had to have at least an energy label D to catch our interest. The house we fell in love with was on the low end, but we could see that we could save a lot on running costs by renovating.” Tanja says Rumleywho is a primary school teacher.

    Tanja and Lasse saw many good opportunities in the house, and Tanja in particular wanted to start renovating quickly. If you ask Lasse, Tanja is also the one who keeps track of the family’s energy consumption. Once the decision is made, Lasse is not afraid to take matters into his own hands, which has resulted in both a new workshop and a shed for the home. Although Lasse is a handyman, the family left most of the renovation to professionals. When the extensive renovation began in earnest, the family went all in and installed underfloor heating, insulated floors, insulated the facade, replaced windows, made new bathrooms and installed new ceilings.

    “While we were at it, we decided to break up the floors in the rooms we were working in – both to add more insulation and to install underfloor heating,” says Lasse Busch Rumley.

    Throughout the process, Tanja and Lasse had to make several decisions nice to have or need to have. The decision to renovate thea rear part of the living room, the entrance area and the guest toilet at the same time was therefore taken with an eye to utilizing the the full potential of the house.