Once the Wiuff family started saving energy, there was no stopping them. Today, it has become a way of life.

A part of: Save energy

Ove Wiuff is a man who keeps track of his energy consumption, and if asked, he can quickly produce both figures and charts for the family’s energy consumption over the past several years. Ove can go back 25 years on a weekly basis and see your family’s energy consumption.

Together with his family, Ove Wiuff has since 2012, when they participated in ZEROfamily, they have tried to reduce energy consumption, and they continue to do so to this day. Next, Ove has started looking at which of the family’s appliances can be replaced with new energy-saving products.

“We are continuously working to reduce our energy consumption, and our participation in the ZEROfamily program was a great way to get started,” says Ove Wiuff.

Initially, the family reduced their electricity bill by keeping an eye on consumption and hunting down the big power guzzlers in their home. This included replacing a freezer that was over 20 years old with a low-energy freezer. Even the old desktop computers had to go and were replaced by new laptops with low power consumption.

The biggest single saving to date came when the family decided to replace the old gas boiler with a geothermal system. This reduced the family’s heating costs by more than 50%.

“The great thing about the solution is that we don’t have to do anything on a daily basis. There is no service to pay for, we have done nothing about it – it has just taken care of itself,” says Ove.