The Steg family thought they were just going solar. But the project evolved into a major renovation of the house, which they haven’t regretted. Quite the opposite.

A part of: Change Energy and Save energy

It means something to the Steg family to think about future generations by, among other things, contributing to the green transition. So the family began to investigate whether it would make sense to install solar panels on the roof. Before they knew it, they had an offer for a large solar installation that they couldn’t say no to.

But it turned out that this was just the beginning of a larger renovation project. The calculation with the solar cells had sparked the family’s interest in their own energy consumption, and they became curious about how much they could actually reduce their consumption. That’s why they invited an energy consultant to visit.

Among other things, the consultant suggested that the couple should insulate their attic and put a new roof on the house before installing the solar panels. The couple also chose to replace their old oil boiler with an air-to-water heat pump and at the same time replace the old radiators and windows throughout the home.

“It was a lot of work, but it’s been worth it. Our house retains heat much better. Plus, it’s just a great feeling to know that we have actually made an effort to limit climate change for future generations”, says Erik Steg