Today, companies can fto green accolades with a number of national and international programs. This was not the case in 2009, when ZEROcompany helped spark a green interest in the area’s businesses.

A part of: Change Energy and Save energy


ZEROcompanies have reduced their carbon footprint.

10 %

has each company at least saved on CO2 emissions.

6000 tons

is the target for overall CO2 reduction for SMEs

One of the first of its kind

The potential for energy savings is often huge for businesses. That was certainly the case in 2009, when ZEROcompany was established with the aim of highlighting companies that had saved energy – but also highlighting opportunities for financial and CO2 savings.

Companies had to have reduced their CO2 emissions by at least 10% since 2007 to be part of ZEROcompany, and they could achieve five different levels depending on the savings. This way, it was possible to achieve more while tracking the company’s development over time.

Some companies saw it as a competitive parameter to be able to show that they had achieved the best diploma, or that they had at least moved up the scale and at the same time had a plan for how to become greener.

The participating companies were also used as case examples so that other local companies could find inspiration in their journeys e.g. the way to do and how to do it, and not least the savings that were reaped both financially and on CO2-emissions.