Are you considering a solar PV system on your rooftop? With solar panels, you can produce your own green power and save money on your electricity bill.

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A photovoltaic system produces green power by capturing energy from sunlight and converting it into electricity. We don’t need 30 degrees or clear skies to benefit from a solar PV system. In Denmark, we have over 1800 hours of sunshine a year just waiting to be utilized.

How to get solar

Choose a RE-approved installer

RE stands for renewable energy, including solar energy. Choose a RE-approved installer to set up your PV system. Find a renewable energy approved installer in the Sønderborg area.

Can roofs carry the system?

Check if the roof of your home can support a PV system and that there is enough space. If in doubt, ask your installer or a structural engineer.

Choose the right location

The location of the solar cells depends on the time of day you use the electricity and any shadingconditions that can reduce electricity production, such as trees that shade or leave leaves on the solar cell surfaces . Your installer can help you find the best location.

Choose the right size of system

When choosing the size of the system, choose a system that don’t produce too much power in relation to your consumption, you’ll quickly earn it back. Also consider if your electricity consumption will change in the future, for example, if you are considering buying an electric car or if there are more people in your household.