The many shops in the Sønderborg area have since 2008 have had the opportunity to receive a ZERObutik diploma as proof that they have reduced their CO2 footprint. The interest in making a difference is high.

A part of: Change Energy and Save energy


ZERO stores have reduced their carbon footprint.

10 %

The stores have each saved at least 10% on CO2 emissions.


The goal is for all 300 stores in the area to become ZERO stores.

A textbook example of creating engagement

Most shoppers in the Sønderborgarea have come across the round ZERObutik sticker that sits i shop windows above the entire municipality. The sticker and the accompanying certificate comes in five color variants that show how much CO2 the store has managed to save.

Although the initiative has been adjusted a few times from initially focusing solely on energy consumption to today including the store’s CO2 emissions, the concept behind ZERObutik remains the same: to give green stores an opportunity to stand out, to create an incentive to become even greener and at the same time make shoppers aware of the shared 2029 vision and that we can all make a difference.

The concept works. By 2023, nearly 200 stores had earned a diploma, and many have been caught up in the competition to earn the next diploma in line – or achieve a higher score than their neighboring store.

The diploma must be renewed every year.

ZERObutik is not only known to the citizens of the Sønderborg area. The Ecological Council and the Council for Green Transition, among others, use ZERObutik as a best practice on how to make shops and citizens aware of the transition and get them to engage in it.

Become a ZERO store

If you have a store in the Sønderborg area, you can also earn the right to become a ZERO store. Maybe you already are.

To get your ZERO shop diploma for 2024, you need to fill out the ZERO shop form between October 15th and February 15th, which contains questions within the 6 point categories:

– Lighting
– Garbage
– Heat source
– Building
– Energy management
– Renewable energy

    The form will appear on this page during the application period.
    Most people can complete the form in under 10 minutes. Once you have completed the form, send it to
    insert email. Diplomas and stickers are awarded at the joint general meeting of the merchant association in March.

    If you have any questions, please contact Malene Lemann,