Dreaming of a new kitchen, roof or windows? Whatever you’re renovating, remember to consider energy. Heating your home is one of the biggest energy costs, so renovating your home can save you a lot of money.

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Lower heating bills

You can renovate to a denser house by, for example insulate walls, ceilings and floors and replace your old windows and doors. In this way you’ll save on your energy consumption and lower your heating bill.

Less drag

When replacing poor insulation and old leaky windows or doors , you avoid draughts and cold draughts. This makes it more comfortable, and healthier, to be in the house.

Home value increases

A well-maintained house is worth more. On top of that, you’ll often want to renovate to a better energy rating, which will also increase the value.

Your home’s carbon footprint is shrinking

When you use less energy to heat your home, you reduce your CO2 emissions and take better care of the climate.

“The roof is a large surface area and as heat rises, you will have a large heat loss through a poorly insulated roof. Typically, between 25 and 40 percent of heat loss from the house occurs through the attic and roof.”

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